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Starlight: Defence Command

Starlight: Defence Command

Build 2683 Live

Posted Wed, September 15, 2021

The 11th Assignment has been added to the game, continuing the story.

The last of the common enemy units have been added. The Dismantler actively stops and destroys your towers. Weak on their own but deadly if too many queue up.

To help deal with the new threat, the last of the targeting abilities has now been added. From the Intel bar at the top, you can now tell all your towers to prioritise a particular unit. This works in conjunction with the existing targeting panel.

I've also made a change to how the Defensive ability works, both for the QRS Panel and for the defensive tower ability. Previously they stopped a percentage of the damage taken, which meant that damage was always received. However, that has now changed to an actual reduction in damage which means that there are scenarios where you can stop the damage altogether - especially in the early game.

Last of all, as I have been increasing the intelligence of the enemy and how the towers operate, I have been working on optimising further, which has been quite successful.


  • Assignment 11 has been added. The Originator requires your help in retrieving data from the a place called the Citadel.
  • An enemy unit called the Dismantler has been added to the game, designed to harass your towers. With this and the Disrupter Unit added last time, you really need to keep a close eye on the fringe defences as well as those closer to the QRS.
  • Bot Targeting Priorities added. You can select a bot from the Intel Panel that you would like all your towers to prioritise when picking their targets. Only one bot type can be prioritised and is highlighted to show which one has been selected. This works in conjunction with the existing targeting panel. So for instance, if you set the targeting panel to shoot at the furthest targets away but also select the new Dismantler from the Intel bar, it will essentially look for the Dismantler furthest away. This is only a priority, so if there are no Dismantlers in range it will still target other bots.


  • Defensive Ability change. The QRS panel will now display how much damage will be taken off of the damage received to a tower. This number, as usual, is dependent on how many Units you have stored, but has a maximum of 35. The Defensive tower ability now a flat 20 points of damage reduction. These reductions take place each time a tower processes the damage they have taken (currently 4 times per second).
Starlight: Defence Command
  • Intel Bar Changes. To accommodate the new ability to prioritise bots, the Intel bar now displays all the common bots in the game all of the time. The ones that are not in range of any towers are greyed out. You can freely select any of the bots to priorities regardless of whether they are in range or not.
  • Map 11 added to the simulator for custom games.