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Early Access 15th March 2021







In Starlight: Defence Command take the role of a Defence Commander and protect UPF assets remotely through the use of your Adaptable Nano Tablet in this immersive, PC focused Tower Defence Game. It's designed to be a tough but rewarding experience with character progression and the ability to configure towers to your own liking, with billions of possible combinations.

The player is encouraged to complete assignments and train in the simulator to earn Mastery, which can be used to upgrade their Blueprints - a guarded commodity in the world of Starlight. The Blueprints are the foundation of the towers used in the game and can be configured to the player's liking. For instance, if the player wants to make a tower that can slow enemies in range but also fire lasers that place a biological DoT and small explosion at impact - then they can. The player is free (and encouraged) to experiment and see what works best on an assignment.

The intention for this game was to go beyond the boundaries of the normal Tower Defence genre and try to bring in elements from other games that could enhance it. Inspiration was derived from classics such as the X-Wing series of games where rather than just having a menu, you have a more immersive experience outside of the core game. A tough but fair approach was taken to the gameplay, with plenty of nuance to master, much like Frostpunk. Last of all, the scenario based assignments were inspired by the mission design in Starcraft - here they are more than just defending a core location; there are objectives to complete too, in some cases, really turning Tower Defence on its head.


Starlight : Defence Command began development towards the end of 2019 before moving into Early Access on Steam mid March 2021. Bi-monthly updates have followed since, adding additional missions and features as we work towards its final release.

It is being developed in Gamemaker Studio 2 by a sole developer.

Music was performed by Tom Bailey of Tom Bailey Music.


  • A typical assignment will see the player battle against thousands of bots.
  • There are 16 different enemy types, with different strengths and weaknesses. Half of them have either special abilities or are able to fly.
  • Enemy bots can also damage your towers and adapt their own resistances to challenge the player further.
  • Players are able to change the default targeting priorities for all their towers or at an individual level.
  • Master the use of the economy system and its abilities tied to it. Players are given access to abilities that are affected by how much of their currency they have unspent.
  • There is a unique Fog of War system that not only affects what the player physically sees but also what the towers see. Even if there is no physical fog, the enemy bot types and their statuses are only revealed if they are within range of a tower.
  • Players have the option to play through a campaign that spans multiple planets and locations or use the simulator to tweak a map to custom settings.
  • Each assignment in the campaign goes beyond a typical tower defence by incorporating objectives into them, like defending a moving infiltrator along its route or placing mines to destroy enemy terraformers threatening a farming community.
  • When not on assignment, the player is able to use their Adaptable Nano Tablet (A.N.T.) to customise their towers with billions of permutations or manage their career by selecting perks from a skill tree as they gain Mastery.
  • Online leaderboards have been incorporated into the game so that players are able to compete for hi-scores across the numerous missions.



Starlight: Defence Command Starlight: Defence Command